Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I recently read in one of my favorite blogs, a term for what I go through every day! "The Shakedown!" It is a phrase that is synonymous with that mad rush at the end of the day to ready the house/yourself for when the husband comes home! I'm glad it's not only me who experiences this phenomenon.  It seemed to be some innate part of me that kick-started once I got married.

 Is it that time already?!? I gotta go! The hubs will be home in a half hour and the house looks like a disaster zone! And I don't even have any kids yet, so it's ALL ME!

 I run around like a mad woman straightening, scrubbing and generally doing everything I should have all day, so that he will never ever suspect that the house looks anything other than spotless. In my defense, I have to run my business at home, so his work time is my work time, but I still feel that it is my duty as a woman to do it all!

Luckily, more often than not, I CAN do it all! I know this won't last once we have babies, but for now, I am really enjoying a spotless house (most days), photography stuff done (now that the Fall rush is over), and dinner a-cookin' when he walks in the door.

I'm just trying to put off the day when he realizes I'm not perfect. That'll be some shock! :)


Monday, October 17, 2011

The first thing I am going to do when we're fully moved into our new place is wash all of our dishes. Because we will FINALLY have a dishwasher! It hasn't been terrible not having one, but it will definitely be so much easier with one. I am very excited! We are still a lonnnng way off from having a dream kitchen or even a dream home, but this is one tiny step forward!


Sunday, October 16, 2011

I also wanted to write about this crazy month I've been having!  Many of you know how I started my own photography business a few months ago.  I recently revamped the site, so check it out! (My brother, Mathieu, has been a HUGE help to me in the coding process and I have learned a ton from the interwebs too!)  Well October is a big month for photography because everyone wants Fall pictures for upcoming Christmas cards.  One family I shot a few months ago has referred about 5 other families to me, who in turn have referred even more. And my friend Lisa who is a fellow photographer was on maternity leave for a month and sent a few people to me who she couldn't shoot and also once her October schedule filled up, she sent the excess to me! SO grateful to her! My October has been so crazy and fun and busy! Last weekend alone I had 6 photo shoots, which isn't a lot to some, but for me only a few months into this, it was a pretty big deal.  Editing takes a pretty long time and I am learning so much every day, and I absolutely LOVE doing this.  It is awesome!  Here are some recent pictures:


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Jesse and I are moving to Fairport in a few weeks and we are so excited!! The whole time we've lived in this apartment, we haven't liked it.  Our landlord is very particular about some things and it makes it hard to feel relaxed here, especially since he lives above us.  We've talked about moving for a long time and kind of looked at some places on the side, but never very actively.

We recently were looking at a few houses and one of Jesse's co-workers saw a link to a house I had sent him on Jesse's screen at work and started telling him about their condo they'd been trying to sell since March.  It sounded pretty great, and the pictures looked decent so we went and saw it and both knew as soon as we got there that we wanted it.  They didn't want to renew their listing through  the winter because they were having a hard time selling it and were looking for some income, so they're renting it to us month-to-month, which is perfect since we've been talking about starting the process of buying a house sometime in the next year.

A good friend of mine from my stake growing up just moved from Buffalo to Fairport and would be only a few minutes away, and some friends of Jesse's just moved to Fairport a few weeks ago as well.  Perfect.  We're going to be in the same stake as my family and in the same ward with my friend (Sheila and Rob Fleming), which is really great for us.  It's still very close to Jesse's work and closer to my parent's house where I end up throughout the week teaching art classes and doing a few photo shoots.

It's pretty great that it kind of fell into our laps and works out awesome for us. It's only a 1 Bedroom like we're in now, but it is muuch bigger.  I'll have room to set up my studio in the living room when I have a photo session and since it's in a complex, we'll have parking for both of us!  I HATED parking around here. Since Jesse left the house more scheduled and frequently than I did, I was the one who parked on the street, and I dreaded going anywhere that would bring me home any time after 5 because I knew it would be so hard finding a spot anywhere near my house.

Since we got a new tenant to take over our lease here, and prepped for signing the lease over there, it seems like a lot is falling apart in this apartment.  Literally 2 days after the new tenant signed a lease, our we had 2 major plumbing issues resulting in the basement flooding with around 3 inches of water.  We were able to get our stuff out before it got wet, but now everything we had stored it sitting in our kitchen bedroom and living room in an already small apartment.  Because of the flooding, our washer and dryer were broken for about a week, which was pretty frustrating to deal with too.  Needless to say, we are so ready to move and are just itching to get out of here.  We hope to get the keys this weekend and start moving some of our stuff to the storage unit in the basement of the building in Fairport. It's so close!!

The new place has its own challenges, like barely any cabinets to store things in the kitchen, and almost no counter space or shelving but we'll figure out ways to work around it.  I'm thinking of turning the front closet (coat closet) into  a pantry since it's right next to the kitchen, and adding some shelving in the living room or making/purchasing a freestanding book shelf.  They're letting us paint so I am getting pretty excited to get rid of that weird mauve color in the bedroom, too bright blue in the bathroom and the very bright yellow in the kitchen/living area.  I'll be posting all the projects and the progress on here!

I know it doesn't look like much, but it's a big step up from where we are now and these are just the listing pictures anyways. I'll try to put up some of my own soon!

Star Wars!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Recently while my parents were driving the twin siblings out to college in Utah, my sister-in-law and I decided to revamp the downstairs bedroom that has been half-painted for almost 5 years! We painted it a nice asparagus green with stripes of high gloss in the same color. It's subtle and I love it. I put a few star wars pictures up because my nephew, Logan, loves the movies.

I had also seen these awesome star wars paintings. So I decided to replicate them for Logan's room. I took some dollar store canvases that I had lying around and did my best to paint them realistically. I am excited to put them up in his room! I think they're pretty fun!

Do you have this problem?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It seems that whenever I purchase dresses and sometimes skirts, they always fall (without fail) about 4 inches above my knee! I'm not especially tall, so it's a huge annoyance! I feel like I'm bearing everything (and no one wants that!) and I am so self-conscious about it, to the point that I just don't wear those outfits, and sometimes don't buy a dress because I know I'll never end up wearing it! Frustrating!!

I had seen on this blog an article about how you could purchase a ruffled slip to lengthen and also combat sheer dresses/skirts. And those slips look adorable, but I didn't want to have to buy one and hope it fit. I figured there had to be an easier way!

So here's how I did it (with my darling sister). 

1. Buy a cheap t-shirt a few sizes up from your normal or steal one from your husbands side of the closet (don't tell Jesse!).

2. Cut off the sleeves and across the top just below the collar (so after it looks like the second picture). 

3. Pull it on like a skirt and hold the sides and measure how long you want it to be (so you can fold down the top to the desired length taking into account the length of the exposed lace).

4. Add elastic around the waist and hem.

5. Stitch up the open sides. (and make sure you do this on the inside).

6. Add lace all around the bottom sticking out from the hem. We did some with 2 layers and some with 3. You could also do ruffles with the same fabric from a second t-shirt. We did a slip with that too and it was adorbs. 

7. Put it on under a short skirt or dress, or you could even wear it as a regular skirt if everything stitched up nice! I thought they were definitely cute enough to be regular skirts!

There you go!

It peeks out just enough to be super cute and add length to make it a little more modest and comfortable! It also helps with the bending over so you're not showing off too much, since it tends to fall more straight off the hips instead of like an a-line skirt. 

It looks like this after:

It's helpful to make a few different colors to work with several outfits. We made black, white and grey! Super easy, cheap and very comfortable!

It's been awhile...

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I haven't gotten on here in awhile, and my apologies to my many loyal fans  readers. I have been very busy starting my own business! I had been trying to figure out what to do with myself since I quit my last job, and started learning even more about my camera/photography.  I finally decided to bite the bullet and try to create some sort of professionalism with my beginner skills, after much encouragement and support from my amazing husband and family.

It was not easy (and still isn't) but I am having fun, learning a TON and trying to keep my head above water. Many thanks to the various websites I frequent across the interwebs and to a few good friends who's talents far surpass mine.

The CoffeeShop Blog
MCP Actions
(both of these websites offer shortcuts for Adobe Photoshop and many many tips and tricks which have come in handy! And so much inspiration! I hope I can be half as talented as the creators and submitters to these sites one day!)

Britanie Myers (Kentucky Photographer) -Britanie was a friend at BYU who has turned into an AMAZING photographer.  I love her work and I am always asking for tips from her! I wish we lived closer together so we could bounce ideas off of each other!

Lisa Christensen (Rochester, NY Photographer) -She is a BYU friend to my brother's family and shot our gorgeous bridals and groomals a few weeks before the wedding.  She has been kind enough to chat with me a few times about photography and let me shadow her on photo shoots. She is very very talented and I am so glad I was able to get pictures done with her and I ams so grateful for her never-ending advice!

I am continually amazed by the talent that I see all over the world and I am so inspired by everything I see on the internet! (Pinterest, what what!!) I am loving everything I have been able to accomplish so far in my small business and I love being able to see the happiness I can give to others when I am able to create something beautiful.

So, even if you're only there for a few minutes, I would be so humbled if you'd check out my website! I will say with pride that I had to learn HTML, CSS and some Javascript and I wrote the website (with a little help from the hubs) by myself from scratch. No templates or anything. It took hours and hours and hours of youtube videos, and books and many mistakes, but it's exactly how I wanted it- minimalistic, clean, and the pictures are the main focus. Enjoy!

PS- If you're in the area, I am currently running a 50% discount on prices as I build my portfolio! Can't beat that!
If you're interested, contact me here:

Logan's Bday Party

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sorry I forgot to post about Logan's party last weekend in the hubbub from this week. Here's some pictures:


Saturday, July 2, 2011

Apparently blogger got rid of all of my photos before the most recent post. I'm trying to figure that out, and apologize! This is even more incentive to get the site up!

Also, I was able to visit my cousin, Mariana, in the hospital the day she had her gorgeous new baby, Mackenzie. Here's some shots from that day:

Logan is Four!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

I had the best time hanging out with Sarah, Madison, Logan and Kaylee the other day. We spend some time at the Strong Museum of Play again, which is awesome and so much fun! Then we hung out with Donatello, my turtle. The kids love him, and I later found a kiss smudge on his tank, haha. We got to take some fun pictures and Logan got to fish in the Genesee River with his new fishing pole. It was awesome! Here's the evidence:

The rest of the end of the week has been spent editing pictures (which I love doing), and learning CSS/HTML to build my website. I'm trying to get it up and running as soon as I can, and I am so excited about that! And I am trying to get in as many photog sessions as I can before my site is up so that I have a nice big portfolio on there. So if you want a session or know someone who does, my prices are discounted right now as I learn and build my portfolio!! 

Sadly, Jesse has been sick for a few days, so I've been tending to him. And because he's sick, we weren't able to go to Pt. Marion this weekend to visit his grandma. We're trying to figure out another time to go, because I have yet to meet her. But the up side, I guess, is that now we get to be here for my the Homecoming party for my Aunt and Uncle from the Congo where they were serving as mission presidents for our church. We're happy and excited to see them! And we also get to be here with family for the Fourth. :)


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Once Upon A Time...

When I was attending BYU, and painting whenever I could, I made a guitar painting for my good friend, (and now husband) Jesse. At the time, I thought it was awesome, or at least was happy with it. Now, I realize it was not my best effort and although there are 2 more paintings that go with it (piano and drums), I don't love having them up around the house. 

Today while I was messing with my new lens (50mm, I am in LOVE), I started taking pictures of one of Jesse's guitar. I liked how they came out, and decided that maybe if I can take good enough pictures of his prized instruments, he can let me take down those (in hindsight) not-so-amazing paintings. 

Well, I think it's a good idea anyway.
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