Monday, October 17, 2011

The first thing I am going to do when we're fully moved into our new place is wash all of our dishes. Because we will FINALLY have a dishwasher! It hasn't been terrible not having one, but it will definitely be so much easier with one. I am very excited! We are still a lonnnng way off from having a dream kitchen or even a dream home, but this is one tiny step forward!


Sunday, October 16, 2011

I also wanted to write about this crazy month I've been having!  Many of you know how I started my own photography business a few months ago.  I recently revamped the site, so check it out! (My brother, Mathieu, has been a HUGE help to me in the coding process and I have learned a ton from the interwebs too!)  Well October is a big month for photography because everyone wants Fall pictures for upcoming Christmas cards.  One family I shot a few months ago has referred about 5 other families to me, who in turn have referred even more. And my friend Lisa who is a fellow photographer was on maternity leave for a month and sent a few people to me who she couldn't shoot and also once her October schedule filled up, she sent the excess to me! SO grateful to her! My October has been so crazy and fun and busy! Last weekend alone I had 6 photo shoots, which isn't a lot to some, but for me only a few months into this, it was a pretty big deal.  Editing takes a pretty long time and I am learning so much every day, and I absolutely LOVE doing this.  It is awesome!  Here are some recent pictures:


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Jesse and I are moving to Fairport in a few weeks and we are so excited!! The whole time we've lived in this apartment, we haven't liked it.  Our landlord is very particular about some things and it makes it hard to feel relaxed here, especially since he lives above us.  We've talked about moving for a long time and kind of looked at some places on the side, but never very actively.

We recently were looking at a few houses and one of Jesse's co-workers saw a link to a house I had sent him on Jesse's screen at work and started telling him about their condo they'd been trying to sell since March.  It sounded pretty great, and the pictures looked decent so we went and saw it and both knew as soon as we got there that we wanted it.  They didn't want to renew their listing through  the winter because they were having a hard time selling it and were looking for some income, so they're renting it to us month-to-month, which is perfect since we've been talking about starting the process of buying a house sometime in the next year.

A good friend of mine from my stake growing up just moved from Buffalo to Fairport and would be only a few minutes away, and some friends of Jesse's just moved to Fairport a few weeks ago as well.  Perfect.  We're going to be in the same stake as my family and in the same ward with my friend (Sheila and Rob Fleming), which is really great for us.  It's still very close to Jesse's work and closer to my parent's house where I end up throughout the week teaching art classes and doing a few photo shoots.

It's pretty great that it kind of fell into our laps and works out awesome for us. It's only a 1 Bedroom like we're in now, but it is muuch bigger.  I'll have room to set up my studio in the living room when I have a photo session and since it's in a complex, we'll have parking for both of us!  I HATED parking around here. Since Jesse left the house more scheduled and frequently than I did, I was the one who parked on the street, and I dreaded going anywhere that would bring me home any time after 5 because I knew it would be so hard finding a spot anywhere near my house.

Since we got a new tenant to take over our lease here, and prepped for signing the lease over there, it seems like a lot is falling apart in this apartment.  Literally 2 days after the new tenant signed a lease, our we had 2 major plumbing issues resulting in the basement flooding with around 3 inches of water.  We were able to get our stuff out before it got wet, but now everything we had stored it sitting in our kitchen bedroom and living room in an already small apartment.  Because of the flooding, our washer and dryer were broken for about a week, which was pretty frustrating to deal with too.  Needless to say, we are so ready to move and are just itching to get out of here.  We hope to get the keys this weekend and start moving some of our stuff to the storage unit in the basement of the building in Fairport. It's so close!!

The new place has its own challenges, like barely any cabinets to store things in the kitchen, and almost no counter space or shelving but we'll figure out ways to work around it.  I'm thinking of turning the front closet (coat closet) into  a pantry since it's right next to the kitchen, and adding some shelving in the living room or making/purchasing a freestanding book shelf.  They're letting us paint so I am getting pretty excited to get rid of that weird mauve color in the bedroom, too bright blue in the bathroom and the very bright yellow in the kitchen/living area.  I'll be posting all the projects and the progress on here!

I know it doesn't look like much, but it's a big step up from where we are now and these are just the listing pictures anyways. I'll try to put up some of my own soon!

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