Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I recently read in one of my favorite blogs, a term for what I go through every day! "The Shakedown!" It is a phrase that is synonymous with that mad rush at the end of the day to ready the house/yourself for when the husband comes home! I'm glad it's not only me who experiences this phenomenon.  It seemed to be some innate part of me that kick-started once I got married.

 Is it that time already?!? I gotta go! The hubs will be home in a half hour and the house looks like a disaster zone! And I don't even have any kids yet, so it's ALL ME!

 I run around like a mad woman straightening, scrubbing and generally doing everything I should have all day, so that he will never ever suspect that the house looks anything other than spotless. In my defense, I have to run my business at home, so his work time is my work time, but I still feel that it is my duty as a woman to do it all!

Luckily, more often than not, I CAN do it all! I know this won't last once we have babies, but for now, I am really enjoying a spotless house (most days), photography stuff done (now that the Fall rush is over), and dinner a-cookin' when he walks in the door.

I'm just trying to put off the day when he realizes I'm not perfect. That'll be some shock! :)
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