Friday, July 13, 2012

Well, Jesse and I got up super early (for us) this morning to get my test results from the Hematologist.  Apparently all of the things she tested me for were negative, other than what they already knew/guessed, which is that I have something called 'Factor 5 Leiden'.  Factor 5 is a condition that about 20% of Caucasians have, is hereditary, and doesn't necessarily mean you have an increased risk of clots.  This means that although I and my siblings have this (from dad), only a few, if any, of us will get clots in our lives.  Other risk factors can make it more likely, like all the hormones during pregnancy, a sedentary lifestyle, or being overweight.  Of course because I am pregnant, sitting editing most days and overweight, I am susceptible to these clots.  My hematologist ordered a few more tests (always more, right?) but doesn't think I will have to use an anticoagulant until after I give birth, and that will most likely be a pill I take for 6 weeks after.  Yay for no injections! My OB wants me active constantly so that I won't get one, which is harder than it seems.  I quickly run out of things to do around the house, and I do have to edit at some point! I am trying my best, however, and hopefully I can continue through this pregnancy without any other complications or a dangerous clot.  If I have any symptoms of a clot, I have to call my OB asap and will get treated as quickly as possible, since they are very dangerous and I am predisposed to get them.

Anyways, I am excited that I'm almost 15 weeks along, and will get to hear the heartbeat again next wednesday!  I am hoping during that appointment I will be able to schedule the ultrasound to find out the gender! I didn't realize that some people get to find out as early as 14-15 weeks, so I'm really hoping to find out soon! Maybe all these complications and tests will allow me to get more ultrasounds!

In other news, I have been working very hard at learning more about newborn photography. It has always been my favorite and is definitely the area of photography I would LOVE to specialize in.  I have put a ton of effort into studying it myself and trying to use what I have learned, but without a little baby around me constantly, it's sometimes hard to implement the information.  This past weekend I had 2 newborn sessions, and along with some new lighting equipment and a ton of patience, I was able to get images that I love! Thank goodness both these beautiful girls were super sleepy for me.  I'm still not where I'd love to be, but hopefully I'm heading in that direction!

 These are 2 of the images from each session this past week.  Now hopefully I can continue to have sleepy sleepy babies and replicate this quality for sessions in the future! If you have any friends in the Rochester area who are pregnant, let me know!

Baby Graham

Monday, July 2, 2012

For those who haven't heard, we are expecting! We are so super excited! I am 13 weeks today and just came back from my OB appt a little bit ago where I was able to again hear that beautiful heartbeat.  It is very surreal but we couldn't be happier!

Now to mostly update family on what's been going on, my OB ordered some blood work for me to rule out a clotting disorder because my father is prone to clots and I had a clot about a year and a half ago.  My blood work came back all over the board (some results saying I had clotting issues, some normal, and some even saying I have issues not clotting enough) and so I was sent to a hematologist last week.  We don't know anything yet, but my OB is confident that it will come back as a basic hereditary clotting disorder that only increases the risk of clots in about half of those that have it.  He does think that I will be on blood thinners for the remainder of my pregnancy, and they will have to be ones I inject everyday (yikes!).  Kind of freaks me out, and of course any pregnancy complications are scary but we are hoping for the best and with any luck everything else will be totally normal.

On a happier note, we are loving the names Eleanor or Harrison (or possibly Hendrix, though I go back and forth on that one).  I am definitely hoping for a girl, and will probably cry if we find out its a boy, although of course I'd be happy with any gender. Somehow the frills that go along with girls are super appealing to me, and I just feel like I'm having a girl.  If I'm wrong, oh well, haha.

Photography has been going amazingly lately and I am really loving what I'm doing.  Newborn sessions are my favorite and I have a few of those coming up soon and I'm so excited! I would definitely love to specialize in newborns in the next year, but we'll see what happens.

Jesse and I are doing really well. We're trying to get out of the house more and we like to play basketball on weekends and head to fun places like the zoo or letchworth.  It is going to be an amazing summer, I can already tell!

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