See - Grabbing Toes and Tipping

Friday, May 31, 2013

He likes to grab his toes and tip over - and it scares him every time. I love it!

Hear - Thanks For Your Time

Thursday, May 30, 2013

See - Sleeping

Thursday, May 30, 2013

He talked himself to sleep laying next to me in bed while I browsed Pinterest. It was his naptime but I didn't have the heart to leave him to cry again and I was amazed to see him talk to himself for 5 minutes, yawn, turn his head and fall asleep. Wish all naps were this easy!

This Week in Instagrams

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

love this hunk//let's just see what happens...
feeding success!//chillin' on the floor while we fax #housebuying

See - Meeting Aunt Rosie

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Aunt Rose came home for the summer and Harrison didn't quite know what to make of her. 

See - Spending Time with Great Grandma Edie

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

See - Playing in His Crib

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

See - Circle Scooting

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

In the past few days Harrison has started scooting around in circles when we put him under his baby gym. He reaches his legs up and lifts his bum and pushes the gym off the floor and uses that to push himself around in a circle!

Phone Photos - Cousin Sicily and Harrison on the Hammock

Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day!

See - Crib Forts

Monday, May 27, 2013

Sometimes we make forts to play in!

Harrison at Twenty Weeks

Monday, May 27, 2013

This is about how we've been for the past few weeks. Tired and having so many sleep issues. We are trying some things now and it seems to be totally dependent on the day whether we have good naps or not. So frustrating. I know we'll get it soon though - I just have to be patient and we'll figure it out. 

He's having a weird week eating-wise. Seems uninterested in eating - arches his back and wiggles away after only like 3 minutes. We are thinking he might possibly be cutting teeth? I'm not seeing anything but he's got his fingers shoved in the back of his mouth all day just gnawing on them.

He's started scooting in circles and is doing awesome on his belly. I kind of had a realization the other day and felt really stupid after - I am used to flipping him over once he starts crying on his belly, but I realized that it's good for him to be upset and frustrated, because that will lead to him trying to do things to fix the situation. If I am jumping in and fixing everything he won't learn on his own. Frustration can be good sometimes. 

He is really starting to get the hang of sitting up too. I think we'll be there in the next few weeks. He loves sitting up and I just put him between my feet on the floor and he can sit there forever. I can't wait til he's able to do that on his own - I know it will be a huge help in keeping him happy and entertained and a little more self-sufficient. 

Harrison seems to LOVE other kids. He is used to being with only me for most of the day and when he gets around his rowdy cousins he's just mesmerized by them. I am so excited for him to be an older brother in the next few years - I know he'll love having someone to play with. 

We are tired right now but so in love with Harrison. It's so true - the days are long but the years are short. I can't believe he's almost 5 months old. Time is flying! 

See - Rice Cereal Eater

Saturday, May 25, 2013

We started Harrison on some rice cereal this week to see how he would take it.  We definitely would have waited until he was a bit older but he refuses to take a bottle and we needed Jesse to be able to have some way of feeding him while I'm doing photography.  I'm going to have a busy next few months for photography and this seemed like the best way to make sure that Harrison would be happy and fed. Luckily he took it pretty well and doesn't seem to mind it! Hopefully we'll have a good eater on our hands!

Create - Pinterest Challenge Cardigan Onesie Tutorial

Friday, May 24, 2013

Cardigan Onesie Tutorial for the Pinterest Challenge

It took me awhile to start this project because I had a hard time finding plain or patterned onesies without any writing on them. I finally found a four-pack from Carter's at Sears one day and they were perfect! 

I took a navy and grey long sleeved onesie and decided to pair it with yellow for the edging. I had about a 2 inch wide strip laying around from a quilt I had made that randomly happened to be the exact length I needed for this project! Score!

Start by cutting from the bottom a little to the side of the middle button but then angle your cut so that the rest of the cut is right in the middle as you go up. 

About armpit level cut a deep V, with each point ending up at the edge of the neck. 

It's a bit hard to see but I just made my cuts to the very edge of where the shoulders overlap. 

Fold over the bias tape or strip of material you're using and pin all along. This was the easiest way for me to hold it into place and sew it. 

Stitch it together! After this I added some buttons and used my button attachment on my machine to make the holes. 

I ended up making a red and grey cardigan onesie as well! I found it was best to use about 4 buttons so that the bottom doesn't bulge out around the diaper. On the red cardigan I also just used the original neckline around the back and ended my edging at the shoulders. 

Here they are! They took like 10 minutes tops for each one and I LOVE how they look on Harrison. They're perfect for Sunday. I wasn't too careful with my stitching and I was working quickly because he was only taking 20 minute naps, but I think I'll definitely repeat this in the future as he grows!

I love this paired with a white button down/tie combo or this suspenders and bowtie t-shirt I got at target recently. I love that it can be more dressy or casual depending on the day!

See - Drooling Jumper

Friday, May 24, 2013

Sleep Help??

Thursday, May 23, 2013

We would welcome any and all 4.5mo sleep training advice! Harrison was a fantastic sleeper and slept 7hrs before his first feed and 12 hrs total at night and 1-2 hour naps consistently for a month, then abruptly stopped about 4 weeks ago. He now naps 20-40 minutes and is up every 1-3 hours all night long. This has gone on for around a month now. He seems exhausted and fussy a lot of the time. He isn't teething and it doesn't seem like he's uncomfortable - just tired. We've tried co-sleeping, crib only sleeping, stretching out his awake times during the day, shortening the awake times, dark dark room and lots of noise, light room with less noise, swaddled and unswaddled, and pretty much anything else we can think of. He falls asleep ok most nights and naps, but a lot of times wakes up at night 5-15 minutes after he's gone to sleep. We tried cry it out a few weeks ago and are thinking of trying it again now that he's a tiny bit older. He breaks out of his swaddle regularly, no matter how tight I do it. The best sleep he gets is when I desperately put him in his carseat next to me on the floor and cover it for darkness and rock him to sleep and rock vigorously anytime he makes a sound - if I do this he will nap for 1-2 hours. Any ideas or help?

Hear - Can't Help Falling in Love With You

Thursday, May 23, 2013

See - Cardigan Onesie

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Tutorial coming tomorrow! Love these on him!

This Week in Instagrams

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

cousins//love that this hat give him sun freckles - also looks like a selfie
hat+tshirt = boy from swiss alps?// mesmerized by elmo

See - Hunk

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

See - Silly Face

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

He hardly ever gives me nice happy faces anymore. It's always these goofy ones now, and I love it.

Baby Essentials - The First 3 Months

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My older sister is expecting TWINS and requested a list of must-haves for newborns and I loved going through what we used and choosing the necessities. I had an easy pregnancy and an amazing baby the first 4 months, so my list of essentials will be different than the next mom's, but here's what I found to be super helpful:

1. Bouncy Seat - We still use this now have have used it nearly every single day. It's useful to have a place to set him down in, and for awhile he was sleeping in it because it was the only way to get him to sleep. Couldn't have lived without it. 
2. Breast Pump - I started using a First Years pump which was fine, but have heard rave reviews about Medela brand breast pump, and hope to try it soon.
3. Flannel Blankets - I never really used the ones you buy from the store, but loved and still use about 1.5 yds of flannel from JoAnn fabrics to swaddle at night.  
4. Gauzy Blankets - Have heard great things about Aden & Anais swaddle blankets and chose to make my own buy just buying muslin from JoAnn's. Great to swaddle really tight and nice and lightweight.
5. BG Cloth Diapers - We started using Bum Genius cloth diapers around 2 months and LOVE THEM! I will be posting about cloth diapering soon, but I love it so much. I am so glad we chose to go with cloth and have saved so much money.  It's super easy, and great for your baby and your wallet.
6. Socks - Harrison was born in January and we live in a basement roughly 5 degrees colder than the rest of the house, so we have had to bundle him like crazy and socks are a must. We got these for about $3 at walmart and they are great and stay on his feet.
7. Nursing Tank - LOVE these nursing tanks. They were fantastic for the hospital since it felt like normal clothing but allowed me to nurse easily. They are especially great in the beginning when your sizing is changing from morning til night. These are nice and long and tight enough to be super comfortable and I still wear one every day.  Definitely my most used and most favorite 'baby' item.
8. Onesies - We use gerber brand onesies and love them. We haven't really had any issues with blowouts and do laundry frequently enough that we've only used one package of each size. Great to layer underneath for extra warmth.
9. Avent Glass Bottles - These bottles are fantastic. You can boil water in them in the microwave to sterilize and Harrison used them without any issue. Make sure you start with a Newborn flow nipple.
10. Baby Gym - Got this as a gift and he still plays under it every day. In the beginning we just would trigger the music to entertain him but now he can play under there for 30min+.
11. Prefolds for Burp Cloths - FANTASTIC and CHEAP. We got one set of a dozen and in the beginning went through them so fast when he was a puke machine. We still use them all the time but will probably be retiring them soon because he hardly every spits up anymore. They're great to soak up almost anything - poop, pee, puke, spit, milk, etc. 
12. Baby Bees Body Wash - We love this body wash - it smells fantastic!
13. Zipped Sleepers - Great for the first few months and now when he is wiggly and cranky when tired. Fastest way to get him dressed. Snaps get annoying quick!
14. Links - Great for attaching toys to anything or just to play with. He loves these and uses them all the time.
15. Carseat&Stroller - We are so glad we chose this stroller/carseat combo. The carseat is great and gender neutral and the stroller is SO smooth and light. Love that it can be opened and closed with one hand. 
16. Tops/Pants combo or Sleep Gown - These are fantastic for diaper changes in the night time for minimal waking up. Jesse thought Harrison looked like a girl in them but I didn't care!
17. Boppy - I started using this after a few weeks because in the beginning I couldn't get the hang of it but now it's the best thing for feeding. I've also heard great things about the Mybrestfriend brand.

Clothing - We were gifted SO many outfits and have had more than enough up until about size 9mo. He will hit that size soon and it's been fantastic to not have to purchase anything til now. I'm loving being able to start picking out cute clothes but was so grateful to have 2 tubs of clothes to choose from for the first several months. 

House News

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My posting has been a little sporadic of late and I have had to back-date my images because we've been running to house showings left and right. And then we found a fantastic home last Thursday, put an offer in Friday and our offer was accepted! We have the inspection tomorrow and if we don't run into any major hurdles between now and August 1st, we will be homeowners! We are so excited and so in love with our little ranch that we've found.  It has 3 bedrooms, a formal dining room, spacious kitchen, half an acre of land, and HEATED SUNROOM. That's huge for me. They normally are not heated, but have so much light. Having heat means that it will be my studio year-round. I'm so excited to have a permanent place for all of my equipment! The third bedroom will be a guest room/ office for both of us. We are so excited to spend the next few years updating what we think was a little old lady's home into a place that we love. Built-in desk, revamped fireplace, kitchen updates and various other DIY projects are on the agenda!
I will definitely post images of the home once we have jumped through a few more hoops and we feel more sure about everything. Can't wait!

See - Then and Now

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I was sorting through some clothing and saw these two newborn outfits. These used to be huge on him and they're TINY! I can barely remember how itty bitty he used to be. I miss that stage!

See - Grin

Monday, May 20, 2013

Harrison at Nineteen Weeks

Monday, May 20, 2013

This little stinker has decided to not sleep! He has been taking 20-40 minute naps and has been up every 1-3 hours all night long for the past few weeks and it has progressively gotten worse. I'm at the end of my patience and he is exhausted. We are looking for answers this week and trying some new things so hopefully we'll be able to make progress. Before this regression he was so fantastic at sleeping and had been sleeping through the night since early on, but that changed! We love this little guy but boy is it hard to play and be happy when we're all tired. It hasn't helped that we're constantly driving into the city to look at houses and work with our realtor and the long drives mess with any schedule we did have. Let's hope that slows down soon and that we're able to be in a house in about 2 months! 

Other than the sleep issues, he's fantastic. He is so happy and smiley all the time and everyone always remarks about how happy he seems. We love that about him. It's so hard to be angry about how little sleep we're getting when he is just grinning up at you in the morning. I hope that he stays our little ray of sunshine forever!

Announcing Summer Mini Sessions!

Monday, May 20, 2013

See - Trampoline with Papa

Sunday, May 19, 2013

I am so glad sometimes when I happen to have my camera on me. I was taking some pictures of my niece and nephew and had my camera on hand when I walked out back to find Jesse and Harrison relaxing on the trampoline and started shooting as I walked toward them.  I was in LOVE when I checked these out on the computer later and they are definitely some of my most favorite images of my boys. Just having fun in the sun. We had such a blissful weekend. 

See - Playground Swings & Sun Freckles

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Love that this hat gives him Sun Freckles!

His second time on the swings in two days! We had a fun weekend. The weather is finally warming up and Harrison is a little unsure about how bright the world is outside of our little basement home. 

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