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Friday, May 24, 2013

Cardigan Onesie Tutorial for the Pinterest Challenge

It took me awhile to start this project because I had a hard time finding plain or patterned onesies without any writing on them. I finally found a four-pack from Carter's at Sears one day and they were perfect! 

I took a navy and grey long sleeved onesie and decided to pair it with yellow for the edging. I had about a 2 inch wide strip laying around from a quilt I had made that randomly happened to be the exact length I needed for this project! Score!

Start by cutting from the bottom a little to the side of the middle button but then angle your cut so that the rest of the cut is right in the middle as you go up. 

About armpit level cut a deep V, with each point ending up at the edge of the neck. 

It's a bit hard to see but I just made my cuts to the very edge of where the shoulders overlap. 

Fold over the bias tape or strip of material you're using and pin all along. This was the easiest way for me to hold it into place and sew it. 

Stitch it together! After this I added some buttons and used my button attachment on my machine to make the holes. 

I ended up making a red and grey cardigan onesie as well! I found it was best to use about 4 buttons so that the bottom doesn't bulge out around the diaper. On the red cardigan I also just used the original neckline around the back and ended my edging at the shoulders. 

Here they are! They took like 10 minutes tops for each one and I LOVE how they look on Harrison. They're perfect for Sunday. I wasn't too careful with my stitching and I was working quickly because he was only taking 20 minute naps, but I think I'll definitely repeat this in the future as he grows!

I love this paired with a white button down/tie combo or this suspenders and bowtie t-shirt I got at target recently. I love that it can be more dressy or casual depending on the day!

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