Harrison at Thirty-Eight Weeks

Monday, September 30, 2013

Lots of new words this week! He now says dad, dada, mom, mama, blah blah, ba ba, and bob. He is making sounds non-stop and starting to play around with his tongue and tries to control the sounds coming out.  It's hilarious to listen to.  He also has started to kind of chew on his tongue and flip it over in his mouth - both things I do a lot of, especially when I'm concentrating.  

He is totally in love with eating from squeeze pouches. We bought some reusable ones recently and he wants all of his food in them - I can't seem to spoon it to him fast enough. With the pouch he eats 2 containers of food in about 5 minutes. It's nuts. We are only using them every few meal times so that he's still getting used to utensils, though. 

This monkey has gotten pretty good at scooting - if there is food in front of him.  He doesn't scoot during normal play time, but if we put cheerios out of his reach he will do it.  He is also getting really good at rolling all over and flips over in his crib a lot. He has slept twice on his stomach when he's had to CIO to sleep (after like an hour of trying to get him down, ugh).  I don't know if this will be a new thing or not, he's never liked sleeping on his tummy, but I won't complain if he's happy! 

We got him some standing toys this week and he is loving them so far and we hope he'll get better at moving around on his feet. This week he also has become really bouncy and loose with his knees. Before he would lock his knees up tight and now he's so much bouncier and likes to dance when there is music.  It's fun to see him have fun and at night when we're playing with dad before bed he is usually giggling the whole time as we bounce him and play fun music and roll around on the bed.  It is my favorite time of day - he is soo happy with Jesse and just lights up when he comes home and whines whenever he leaves the room.  I can't wait to see this relationship grow!

See - In A Bucket

Monday, September 30, 2013

See - At the Big Kids' Table

Friday, September 27, 2013

We don't have a high chair the moment and have had to make do with a bumbo strapped to a dining room chair.  He loves sitting with us at dinner, even if he can't reach the table well. 

See Our Daily Schedule - Harrison at Almost 9 Months

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

7:30/8AM - Up for the day. Usually by this point I'm asleep with him in the recliner in his room.  He wakes to eat sometimes around 5 and is often not out enough after feeding to lay him back down, and also I am usually so tired by that point that I fall asleep in the chair before he's done eating. So he gets up and eats a bit and gets changed and then we head out to the living room so he can play while I try to wake up.
9AM - Dad gets up and we go say 'hi' and snuggle in bed with him for 5 minutes before he has to get ready.  I start cooking breakfast for him and getting lunch together as well as feed myself and Harrison gets a little bit of food around 9:30ish.

10AM - Dad has left for work and H is ready for his first nap.  We are doing the only thing that keeps me sane and gives us tons of consistency - I feed him in the chair while he starts to nod off JUST until the first time he stops sucking because he's starting to fall asleep. I get up immediately and lay him down while he's still mostly awake but tired enough not to fight it. He sometimes cries for a minute, sometimes is silent, sometimes wakes up too much and talks to himself for a bit.  He sleeps between 45 - 90min.  Lately it's been 90 min, but you never know!

(A lot of people suggest being really flexible with schedules at this age but I have found for us it is really crucial to stick to it as strictly as possible.  It keeps me sane and somedays it's the only thing I have going for me that day.  Our naps and bedtime are stone cold seriously on time every single day.  The days that things are changed up end up in tears and stress for everyone.)

While he naps I try to make our bed, clean up from breakfast and get to emails from clients, start editing for the day, or just relax on my computer.  I usually have zero energy to do much but try to wake myself up and get computer stuff done at this point.

11:30AM - He is awake and I have to have the monitor right next to me to even notice because if he gets a long nap then he just talks and sings to himself in there and I have no clue that he's awake.  SUUUPER happy after waking up.

We play in the living rm which is so fun because he's really happy.  He's giggly and fun and yay.  Slowly by the time it hits about 1PM, he's fussy and hungry.

1PMish-  I feed him some baby food/cheerios/fruit/bread/etc.  We work on scooting and mess around and sometimes I do things around the house with him on my hip- check the mail, dishes, laundry, etc.

2PM - Nap time - I feed him and put him down.  This nap is almost always 90 minutes (lately we've had 2 longs naps every day which is GLORIOUS). I get cleaning done around the house, or work on editing or other photography stuff.

3:30PM - He's up and happy happy again.  I use this happy window to work out on our exercise bike or go on a walk with him.

4PM - Take a shower and he's usually in there with me - he loves bathtime!

4:30PM - Out and dressed and milk time for him.

5PM - More playing and cheerios and other fun in the living rm. As the night goes on he gets more and more fussy/whiny.

6/6:30PM - Start dinner while he is usually whining.  I haven't figured out how to keep him happy while I am making dinner.  It is the part of the day where he's tired and bored by everything.  He is the happiest sitting in front of the storm door looking outside for dad to get home or being in the moby while I cook.

7:15PM - Dad is home which is super fun time for Harrison. He LOVES daddy and freaks out smiling and kicking when he sees Jesse.  We eat dinner together and then play together reading stories or listening to dad play guitar or bouncing on the bed.

7:45/8PM - Pajamas & stories & milk & Bedtime.  Goodnight little bear!
The rest of the night is spent hanging out with Jesse and working on the computer.  I'm usually in bed around 11 or 12 and then we start it all over again!

See - Eye Color

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

This is the best photo I have of his true eye color - blueishgreenishgreyish.  His eyes are much like mine - they change completely depending on what you're wearing.  I love when they look green!

Harrison at Thirty-Seven Weeks

Monday, September 23, 2013

A lot of fun firsts this week - he has started jumping when held standing. He usually locks his knees up really tight but has just started bouncing around, which is super fun.  He loves in the evening when we play around on the bed in our guest/office. We bounce him up and down and dance and work on saying mom and dada and he giggles like crazy. 

I have also gone into get him in the night and a few times this week he's been on his stomach. He doesn't like to sleep on his tummy - never has.  I guess he's working on his rolling and gets on his stomach and is too tired to figure out how to get back.  

He is loving eating so many things that we're giving him and having no issues which is fantastic.  He is a food monster and is always wanting food and grabbing for milk. It is cute and annoying - I feel like I'm constantly feeding him. 

He has started scooting - before he would never put a knee up and would just whine and put his head down if he was on his stomach and something was out of reach.  Now he scoots for some toys but mostly cheerios - but he's so stinking smart and tries to pull the blanket toward him instead of having to move himself or smacks the bed so the cheerio bounces to him.  It is so funny to watch him try to do anything he can to avoid moving, but we're definitely seeing progress.  

He is saying mom and dada and dad and ba-ba and making tons of noises and sounds with his mouth including clicking his tongue and making noises with his lips.  

He is loving a lot of music and has started bouncing and swaying to some songs which we love! And sometimes he makes these higher pitched (than his normal voice) sounds when music is on like he's singing along with me.  I love it!

He goes forward a lot from sitting to a crawling position but often smacks his face in the process. He's getting better and better and we know that more serious crawling and scooting are in the near future! 

See - Brick Wall

Monday, September 23, 2013

I am using our heated sunroom as a studio - which is fantastic. And it just so happens to have the back of our fireplace on one wall because it was an addition - it makes a great backdrop!

See - That Face

Sunday, September 22, 2013

I love his silly faces!

See - Back to Front

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

This munchkin figured out how to roll back to front today! And he has started scooting the past few days. We are so excited for the milestones to come!

See - Sweater Weather

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

We still have some growing to do to fit into this one. 

Harrison at Thirty-Six Weeks

Monday, September 16, 2013

We are starting to get better sleep again - thank goodness.  We had to do a tiny bit of crying but it seems to have helped a ton.  We still have middle of the night wake-ups sometimes, but it isn't so terrible.  He wakes up pretty often at like 6am and we usually just sleep together on the recliner til 730/8am.  Luckily that thing is comfy because sometimes I go to nurse him when he wakes up at 2 or 3 and end up waking up and realizing I'm still there several hours later. 

We are eating more baby food now.  I try to give him some food 3 times a day and he seems to be a lot happier and content for longer.  We are having some spit-up issues though, and trying to figure out why.  Perhaps an allergy? He usually eats around breakfast time, lunch around 1 and dinner around 4 or 5.  He is SO happy when he's fed and I am getting to the point where I get annoyed with nursing him during the day.  He is SO squirmy and wiggly and kicks me and pinches me - he's just playing but I'm getting tired of the abuse. I've started just laying on the bed and letting him squirm all over me while he eats - it's so much easier than trying to hold him and I think it's helping him with the scooting/crawling. 

This kid is a hair magnet! I chopped my hair recently but he is still grabbing it all the time and trying to run his hands through it.  Dang it hurts so much! I still end up with my hair up by the end of each day.  I am so tempted to really cut it off soon - I loved my hair super short when I had it a few years ago anyways...

He is getting SO FUN now. We can get him to giggle anytime by tickling and playing with him.  He also started to bounce to music and sometimes makes these higher pitched noises when I am playing music and it seems like it's almost baby singing of sorts.  I love it! 

See - Smooshy Face

Monday, September 16, 2013

He was playing with this toy and started smooshing his face against it. Love his funny faces!

See - Relaxed

Saturday, September 14, 2013

I don't think I'll ever get over my love of his little toes. 

See - New Playground

Friday, September 13, 2013

We had a friend staying with us from the time we bought the house until this week.  We are excited to have more space and a dedicated office/guest room now! We are very much enjoying playing around in the new space and I'm excited to decorate!

See - Little Jacket

Thursday, September 12, 2013

He is looking so big lately! I can't get over how much his haircut has changed how he looks.  And wearing big boy clothes & shoes too!

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