See - ER Visit for Harrison

Saturday, August 30, 2014

We had a very eventful night last night - we spent several hours in the Pediatric ER with Harrison.  It was about 5pm and I was making dinner. Jesse was eating an apple and was feeding some to Harrison. He got a slice and walked out of the room and a few seconds later we heard choking sounds. We ran into the room and started patting his back as he tried to get the chunk of apple out.  Harrison could scream/cry as he exhaled but couldn't really get any air in. Every time he tried to breathe in, you could hear the chunk of apple stopping the air flow.  

Now, this actually happens pretty often. Harrison chokes on food about every other week. It's always very scary but he usually can get it out on his own. He's never completely stopped the air flow, but always seems to get it halfway stuck where he's crying and breathing out but not very much is getting in.  

I tried to swoop my finger in the back of his mouth to get the piece of apple out. Harrison reacted by biting me really hard. I felt the piece and as I tried to scoop it out, he was fighting me so hard, I ended up accidentally pushing it up the back of his throat into the nasal cavity.   I knew immediately that it wasn't a good thing, but I wasn't about to try and get it out again. He was breathing but upset and seemed to be in pain. His nose started bleeding immediately and he was screaming and seemed very uncomfortable.  

After a few minutes it was clear that it wouldn't come out on its own and he was very upset. We called his doctor's on call line and a nurse told us to take him to the ER. She said it wasn't out of the question to get an ambulance, but I felt like we didn't need one. He was upset but breathing and just uncomfortable.  We got to the Pediatric ER at Strong and they made sure his O2 levels were fine (100%) and we met with the doctor after awhile.  They said with this type of situation, they don't like to be really invasive and sedate him and go in there, since it usually works itself out. They kept saying because he was pretty calm at that point that it was likely already gone and Harrison was just uncomfortable from swelling.  

After discussing it with another doctor, they actually ended up deciding to give him a mild sedative that would just calm him down, and then push a tube up his nose down his throat to make sure it was clear on either side.  

After a few hours of waiting, we finally were able to do the 2 minute procedure and he hated it, but it seemed like the tube was able to pass. We all just hoped and assumed that things were ok.  We got home a little after 9 and were finally able to feed Harrison. He hadn't eaten since 11ish that morning.  He was exhausted but ate some and went to bed.  He woke up screaming after 20 or so minutes and went right back down.  He kept waking up screaming and seemed so uncomfortable - he was up every 20-30 minutes. We finally brought him to bed with us and although it didn't help him sleep, it was easier than getting out of bed and trying to calm him down in the crib. Finally around 1 or 2 am he started sleeping longer. He got up sporadically the rest of the night but was much better. He woke up super happy around 7:20 and I noticed the chunk of apple in bed next to me.  No wonder he was up half the night - it was in there all along. We are so glad he's fine today - no signs of damage or pain anymore.  He just got up from a long nap and we are all hopeful for more sleep tonight.  

Harrison was hilarious when he was doped up. He laid down and just was grinning at the O2 sensor on his toe and kept wiggling his toe back and forth. 

He put his fruit snack on his lips like this and couldn't stop laughing. 

We are so grateful for our health and that Harrison is ok.  I guess we just like to hit up the ER 3 weeks before my due date - we were in for an emergency appendectomy for Jesse when I was pregnant with Harrison. Here's hoping that we won't keep up the tradition with the next baby.  

We were strongly encouraged to meet with an ENT or similar doc to rule out any physical reasons that he chokes so often.  I wouldn't be surprised if he has Jesse's annoyingly large adenoids and messed up nose. 

See - Powers Petting Zoo

Saturday, August 30, 2014

We spent some time at the Powers Farm Market in Pittsford today. They have the best sour cream doughnuts, and some pretty cool animals too. These guys are just chilling outside - no fees to go and feed and pet them. Love that Harrison can experience animals up close like this. 

See - Fish Hatchery

Friday, August 29, 2014

I know Harrison looks absolutely thrilled in these photos, but he actually loved seeing the fish hatchery today. We went to Powder Mills Park and you can get food from dispensers and throw it in the water. The fish go crazy for the food - splashing and jumping. 

There was this nasty 7inch slug next to the food dispensers. Gross but kind of cool. 


Harrison found this leaf - already seeing some color change! I can't wait for fall!

See Our Daily Schedule - Harrison at Almost 20 Months

Thursday, August 28, 2014

It's been awhile since I've done a "Day in the Life" post and I love being able to look back on our schedule. Things are about to drastically change in our lives, once this baby comes.  These days can feel boring, but I know they are just peaceful compared to what is coming.  

Harrison wakes up between 7 and 8 usually. Of course today, he woke up scream crying at 5:15 and we couldn't get him back down until 7 and then he slept til 8. Not a great night for any of us. 

Once he was up, we went about our normal day. I get Harrison a banana while I make him breakfast, and he sits and eats while I munch on my current obsession - a cup of ice. 

Harrison eats a whole banana every morning, along with either oatmeal, pancakes & eggs, or cereal.  He is a big morning eater - seems to just pack it all away somewhere.  I really hate making him breakfast because I am not ready to even look at food for a few hours after waking up, but he demands it the first thing, so I just have to deal. 

Diaper change time. Today he plays with a stuffed alligator we just got for the new baby.  He is currently loving any and all stuffed animals, so naturally he has to give many kisses. 

After breakfast cleanup and diaper change, we hang out in the living room and play.  He drives cars around, throws balls, etc.  I usually surf on my phone and let myself wake up a bit more.  

Harrison is having more fun with a lot of his toys now. He drives the cars all over while making sound effects.  He figured out how to put together the train tracks and then drives the trains along.  

Daddy likes to spin things for Harrison - tops, rings, coins, etc.  Harrison is starting to get the hang of it now too. 

After I've woken up a bit (by 9 ish), we put on some music and dance to get some energy flowing.  Harrison loves stepping as fast as he can and he likes to try to snap his fingers too - I love it!

Due to our early early morning today - he starts getting sleepy pretty early.  Luckily the rug is super soft.  I normally feed Harrison lunch around noon and then put him down for his nap. Today we'll do a nap a lot earlier and do lunch after. 

He got back a bit of energy, it seems.  But he's getting fussy and its about 11, so we start the nap routine.  I can tell he needs the sleep. 

Stories, songs, diaper change and then sleep.  He is a great sleeper (aside from these random and rare nights where he wakes up upset. Maybe he has night terrors?) now. He is so easy to put down. We lay him down with his blankie and bear and sing a song, turn on the fan and leave. He talks himself to sleep in a few minutes and usually naps for 1.5-2 hours. 

Bear kisses before he naps. 

Harrison wakes up groggy and clingy.  The past month or so he has gotten really attached to his bear and blankie. In the morning and after his nap he usually insists on bringing them with him after he wakes up and wants to just snuggle for awhile til he's more awake. 

Lunch time - today he's eating around 1pm.  Lunch is usually Mac'n'cheese, or a tuna sandwich, or PBJ or something random.  He seems to finally be getting over some pickiness that he's had for a few months.  Thank goodness because I'm sick of it. He always has room for fruit though - he begs for bananas and apples all day long. 

After lunch he wants to jam out on his Ukulele.  Jesse is very musically talented so we have lots of instruments.  We got Harrison a super cheap ukulele (like $8) at target and so we don't mind that he kind of abuses it.  Hopefully he'll get Jesse's musical genes!

He accidentally pulled his shirt up while strumming fiercely and noticed his belly button. 

This afternoon I'm trying to get a few things done around the house. (Nesting?) Today I am adding felt bottoms to the dining chairs.  Harrison helps me sand, wipe clean and adhere the felt sticker pads. And then he tries hard to help me flip the chairs upright. 

Ohhhh, today we got some packages! I love mail. Harrison does better when I try to include him in things I'm doing and I don't get as stressed trying to keep him away.  Today he helped open and set up a rock'n'play for the baby.  Luckily it has a 30lb limit and Harrison is a few pounds under that, so he enjoys rocking in it for awhile. 

Around 3pm I start getting antsy for Jesse to get home, and Harrison does too. If the weather is nice, we head outside to wait for Jesse's arrival. 

Dad's home around 4:20 every day. Harrison freaks out and runs around the car a few times screaming because he's so happy. I love how much he loves his Daddy.  We head inside and I start dinner.  While we wait for it to cook the boys hang out and relax in anticipation of the meal. 

Today I threw Harrison in the bath after dinner (about 6:30pm) because I know we'll be doing an early bedtime due to the early wake up this morning... and things get interesting in the bath.  

He poops in the bath for the first time today. Yuck.  This calls for a tub scrub down and disinfection and then another bath for H to get clean again. 

After the 2 baths and cleanup, it's now almost 7:30 and time for teeth brushing.  Harrison loves to brush his teeth and it helps him know we're headed for bed soon.  

We brush together after getting PJs on, then read a few books, sing some songs and he's down for the night - usually in bed around 7:45/8pm.  Again, he sings and talks himself to sleep and then Jesse and I usually head to our computers to get some work done.  I only get bedtime and nap time for my work, so I have to make that time count. Tonight I'm editing photos for clients, as well as for this blog entry.  Jesse is doing some gaming next to me and we usually head to bed around 10.  

It may seem like Jesse and I don't get a lot of time together, and we don't, but we try to make it count.  I kind of insist on us going to bed together so that we can chat about our days.  I know in 3-4 weeks, things will be crazy and different and everything will revolve around the baby, so for now I'm ok with spending time on the computer or watching shows in the evening.  

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